Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Moveable Feast
July 20, 2024

My Lost Copy of
A Moveable Feast

as seen on page 53

Strongest leads so far:

-Shakespeare and Company
bookstore in Paris

-Ernest Hemingway Museum in Oak Park

-Maybe it stayed on the train,
in an endless line of being passed on
and traveling without ever being lost.

(Text) Message
in a Bottle

as seen on page 65

It happened!

Here's the video of the official send-off of the eight hundred good luck messages we received from readers in 2016.

One bottle has already been discovered, by a group of Swedes on vacation in Southern Florida! Five more bottles are still out there...

(Please keep sending us your wishes. Just as we did last year, all texts received in 2017 will be gathered, placed inside bottles, and, at the start of the new year, tossed out to sea.)

Matching tattoos

as seen on page 110

Nearly three hundred ideas have been texted in thus far. At the end of August, a librarian from Brookfield, Wisconsin texted in the word “more" (inspired by the book’s Midterm Essay). This would be her first tattoo. Amy instantly knew this was a winning idea. After texting back and forth for a few days, it was decided that she (Paulette) would drive to Chicago so they could get their matching tattoos together. Click here to see photos and a video from their epic September 8th tattoo outing.

Other ideas include: the little iMessage speech bubble with three dots, a yellow umbrella, many submissions about time (an hourglass, ticking clock, infinity symbol), the words from the mantra on page 303, a heart with your kids' initials in it, the moon, an exclamation mark, a semicolon, a honey packet, a wishbone, the Dewey Decimal System number for Textbook, and a hedgehog riding a manatee.

Textbook/Amy Rental
Same-Day Delivery

as seen on page 272

Ideas in the running:

-I want you to sit in for me at meetings,
and say exactly what you think.
End of meetings as we know them.

-Go back to college with me.
Go to class, club meetings, and a party.

-Cut the ribbon on opening day of our new bookstore.

-Invite three of your New York City
readers to come over for a
sleepover on the roof of my building.
We will drink champagne at sunrise.

-Wanna come over and make
shrinky dinks with me?

-Come to a hammock in the woods.

-Come to the opening of our new school.

-I need someone to be there on my awkward blind date to either nudge us along if it goes well or be ready to create a diversion if I need to escape.

-Help organize all my pens in a beautiful pattern upon my dusty old shelf.

-Look for sand dollars on the Texas coast.

-I got a really, really bad haircut and desperately need someone to shave my head.

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