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**Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is an August Indie Next pick! **

John Green
"You know how you have—or I hope you have—a quirky and delightful friend who is just the most fascinating person you know? I have the perfect gift book for that person. Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a wonderfully eccentric memoir that is enhanced by texting, really."

The Interview Show
Mark Bazer interviews Amy at The Hideout for his series "The Interview Show." In this excerpt, she talks Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, serendipity, Einstein, and the importance of little moments.

Chicago Tribune
"As if the textbook format were not original enough, Rosenthal...adds a second, even more unexpected and in fact unprecedented element: a text-messaging system that allows readers to...be linked to other readers in an instant DIY virtual connection. It's perhaps the first attempt to create a virtual book club that expands outward in both comic and philosophical directions."

John Green
"In which John talks about his big break way back in 2002, writing, reading, the extraordinary work of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and her new project. Amy will be at the Bean on 8/9/16 from 8:09 AM to 8:09 PM; you'll know it's her because of the yellow umbrella."

Fast Company
"Her writing often celebrates the serendipitous moment, the smallness of our world, the misheard sentence that was better than the real one—always in praise of the flashes of magic in our mundane lives. Textbook, Rosenthal says, is not a prequel or a sequel but "hopefully an equal" to Encyclopedia. It is organized by subject, and Rosenthal shares her favorite anagrams, admits a bias against people who sign emails with just their initials, and exhorts readers, next time they are at a party, to attempt to write a "group biography." It’s as beautiful, thrilling, brief, sad, and quotidian as a sunset."

** NEWS! Textbook AKR wins AudioFile Earphones Award! **
"An interactive memoir with the organization of a textbook, including multiple choice questions and quizzes? The creative humor of Amy K.R. (as she calls herself) leaps beyond the traditional memoir and establishes views of life that are relatable and enlightening. In both writing and reading, content and presentation, Amy KR's awareness of audience is far reaching. Her leaps of association are surprising and pleasing. How does all this translate from the page? Beautifully. Rosenthal's intonations emphasize her wit—she even pauses to give listeners texting opportunities. Embedded in the audio are quirky extras such as a master sommelier's rendition of a humming wine glass. This audiobook goes beyond any other in its power to connect the listener to the material."

"Mini-disquisitions, one-liners, confessions, charts, and sketches... capture the textbook, or quintessential Rosenthal. But it's not just about her. What she's really after are actively engaged readers who will respond to her openness by opening up themselves."

Real Simple
"Describing this inventive, interactive memoir is a rather difficult task. Part memoir, part interactive art piece, part, well, textbook, children’s author Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s latest grown-up offering delights the reader...You can feel less alone knowing there is a whole community of people reading Rosenthal’s beautiful, unique book."

The Washington Post
"Textbook is a delightful collection of interesting scenarios that directly point to life lessons. Rosenthal manages to spotlight grand moments and everyday moments with equal curiosity, proving that it can be both a privilege — and petrifying — to peek into one’s humanity."

Shelf Awareness
"Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal hosted an outdoor launch event for her new memoir, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Dutton), at the Bean in Chicago's Millennium Park. Hundreds of people joined in the all-day event...The biggest surprise came when a representative from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office appeared and made an official proclamation that August 9, 2016, was Amy Krouse Rosenthal Day in Chicago, urging all Chicagoans to acknowledge and honor the author's 'steadfast commitment to literature, film, and our city.'"

The Reader
"The interactive thing with readers is something I've been doing since pre-Internet. I used to have a PO box, and I'd say, 'Mail me your thoughts, and I'll mail you back a penny,' and then I would. I feel like it's one of the most important things I'm doing with my work, the connecting thing. Maybe somebody else can analyze it and figure out why. I just know it feels good, it feels true, it feels worthwhile. For me, it feels like the opposite of a gimmick...Part of me thinks readers should know nothing going into the book, absolutely nothing; they should just read it. And the other part of me can't help but say, 'Before you even open this book, keep in mind that it doesn't look or act like every other book. It's not carpeted in wall-to-wall sentences. There's a lot of white space. Despite the fact that it's a relatively quick read, it took a really long time to get to this place. Even the emptiest pages might reflect an insane amount of thinking."

Bookworming Tonight
"Her ideas are brilliant – she gives you little exercises of pure delight. So simple yet so powerful. I found myself highlighting everything, taking furious notes. The ‘experiments’ are not just sweet but fun. And funny. Rosenthal delivers amusing wisdom of the everyday, and pinpoints things that we all think about but probably don’t write down unless we keep a journal and take the time to re-read it or talk out loud and laugh at ourselves. Yes, there is texting and yes, we post on Instagram and laugh at our witty selves. But somehow sharing all those sweet, tender and hilarious moments with others in a way that is meaningful."

The 49th Year
"I want you to understand just how freaking happy, how filled with joy, how jumped up with anticipation I was when I found out that Textbook AKR would be in my hands before it was even released. I’d been waiting for new Amy for a long time.
Because this book is a gift, folks. That is why I love it. It’s a gift. All of Amy’s books are gifts, but this one feels even giftier than the rest. Maybe it was the beach, but I don’t think so. In fact, I know it wasn’t the beach. It’s the gift of connection."

Castle View Academy
"What’s the most unique memoir you’ve ever read? Without a doubt, I now answer this question with the answer, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal...There’s lots of white space. a few stick-figure sketches, interesting anecdotes….a homemade pie?...Some moments are quite deep and reflective. Others are fluffy and laughable. I don’t have to ‘think’ while I read, I just have to sit back, relax, and drink it all in, like a perfectly brewed cup of tea."

Emerald Street
"Sometimes the best writing appears in strange places: YouTube comments, Reddit threads, a surprisingly lyrical email from a friend. Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s book has a similar quality. She combines small, wonderfully written, stories from her own life with single sentence pages, ideas for whimsical experiments, graphs, charts and pictures. The only annoyance is that non-American readers can’t enjoy the component of the book where you can text in and receive additional content. But even without the texting, the overall effect is delightful. Textbook is hugely inventive and has a strange charm. It also reminds you to look at the details of your own life and celebrate them. It’s all the small joys of being human."

Lovely Bookshelf
"Somehow, Amy Krouse Rosenthal found a way to deliver such a gift. Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is probably the most contemplative, unique reading experience I’ve ever had."

The Pilot
"Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is certainly a different kind of book. There are pages left blank and pages with two words printed on them. For those who don’t have time to read a lengthy book, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is perfect. And for those who are attached to their cellphones, the book is even more perfect."

This Confetti Life
"The next morning, I am at the office chatting with one of our legal assistants. I ask whether she is going to hang anything on the walls of her office, which are still somewhat bare. She tells me that at her prior office, she was gifted an owl-themed something-or-other. She expressed gratitude and then, somehow, everyone in the office assumed she loved owls. Before long, her office was overflowing with owl decor. It was too late to say so, but she really had no special affinity for owls...You need to read Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s new book, I tell her."

"Rosenthal is a marvel. She’s a publisher’s dream, a rare writer who can appeal to both adults and kids. How does she captivate multiple demographics? Simple. She takes us all to school. It’s been a decade since her alphabetized memoir, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life (2005), proved that she is a talented storyteller with an experimental flair for formatting: it is an actual encyclopedia. Now she’s returned with more wonderful tales from her life that are equally aspirational and relatable. Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is just that, a textbook, albeit for adults. It’s organized as your local guidance counselor would prefer, by subject (geography, history, math), and there is a pre-test and post-test as well. In addition, it is a text-friendly book in which the author invites readers to play the home version and text along at appointed times. This engaging, playful, and clever glimpse into one woman’s life offers lots of photographs, graphic illustrations, and diagrams, resulting in a book that will make readers smile as their notions of story-delivery expand."

—Andie Paloutzian, Booklist

"Thank you, Amy. You have done something incredible. Part meditation/part connector/part surreal spiritual hug. I so needed this book and devoured it today. The copies are circulating through our store and the enchantment is spreading. I read parts with my 7-year-old daughter and at one point she looked at me wide-eyed and said "I didn't know a book could do that." What magic. I still can't stop talking about and recommending the book. It's such a joy."

—Emily Gosse, Chapters Bookstore
Kingston, Ontario

"We could use some good news and hopefulness these days, so I offer this, the newest book from Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Amy calls it "not exactly a memoir" which is apt, because while most memoirs dwell on something remarkable about the author, Amy uses her life to show us the simple, daily magnificence of the world and life we share. Alternately silly, poignant and profound, it will lift your spirits and reveal as much about yourself as it does about the writer."

—Tom Lichtenheld

“In today's digital age, with its ever mounting distractions, Rosenthal's (Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life) newest work offers some optimism for how reflection, curiosity, and imagination can be sustained. A testament to the notion that books and technology don't have to be at odds, this part memoir, part art installation offers a series of vignettes (personal anecdotes, observations, drawings, and photographs) divided into different subjects reminiscent of a high school "textbook." Yet, as Rosenthal poses questions and encourages readers to respond via text messaging, it is also a "text book." The author collects and shares outside contributions on her website, extending the conversation beyond the book. More than an intriguing concept, it is an artful arrangement of image and text and a compelling read. An abundant use of white space reveals that Rosenthal is unafraid to take breaths between thoughts. In doing so, she gives her audience the same generous opportunity, pairing the best of what print and digital have to offer: narrative for contemplation and online interaction for community. VERDICT: Readers will want to return to this book again and also share it with those they love best.”

—Library Journal

This is the most fun and unique book I have held in my hands in a long time. It is a ‘non-linear memoir’ consisting of a quiz, random thoughts, poetry, essays, interactive text message communication and extras, family photos and the captured moments of any given day. This textbook is an education in seeing the world through Amy Krouse Rosenthal's magical viewpoint—a necessary education for all who want to appreciate life's little gifts.”

—Kimberly Daniels, Country Bookshop
Southern Pines, NC

“Like Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life (her 2005 memoir of ‘ordinariness,’ told in alphabetized anecdotes, vignettes, and confessions), Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is the definition of the special kind of weird little book you discover with thrilling curiosity on a bookstore's shelves, or a friend insists you read two pages of, and then you just can't stop. Categorized by school subjects like Geography, History, and Language Arts (with an added multimedia component through texting), Rosenthal zooms in on the experiences of dressing her young kids for school, reeling from embarrassing interactions at a party, the beauty of green trees against a blue sky, why ‘chairs are great,’ and countless more ‘ordinary’ insights that reverberate with truth and familiarity. She's an artist, and a very witty and gentle one. You'll look up from reading Textbook and feel greatly learned in the wise optimism of Amy Krouse Rosenthal as you observe the clothes and sky and geography and vocabulary and history all around you.”

—Alex Meriwether, Harvard Bookstore
Cambridge, MA

Emotionally restorative, visually delightful and utterly original, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal offers a panoramic window to her world. This world will delight, challenge and change you as you follow her extraordinary journey. The creative spirit of her work is infectious!”

—Karen West, Book Passage
San Francisco, CA

“Funny. I tell people I read just about anything but horror and textbooks. Well, if this is a textbook, you can scratch textbooks from my do-not-read list. How can I sum up this odd collection of vignettes, lists, photos, and miscellany? Of course, it is a textbook and it's not a textbook. It's a memoir and it's not a memoir. It's a book and it's not a book. It's odd and it's regular. It's nothing and it's everything. I give up. I can't really tell you anything about this book. I can't really tell you if you will like it or not. I will just say that I'm crazy about it, and if you like it, too, I'd love to hear from you, and so, in a Textbook-Amy-Krouse-Rosenthal-sort-of-way, feel free to text me your thoughts about this book: (281) 912-3412.”

—Deb Nance, Readerbuzz

“Rosenthal's unique memoir ultimately makes you hold a mirror up to your own life. Her stories share universal truths and the leave the reader engaged with life. I thought—ok, this book is going to be funny—wait, this book might challenge me—wait, I think this could be deep—hey, I want to play!

—Sarah Carr, McIntyre’s Fine Books
Pittsboro, NC

“With her trademark playfulness, Amy Krouse Rosenthal gives us adults who are all the ages we've ever been a delightful experience with her new experimental memoir, Textbook. Inviting the readers to participate via texting, Rosenthal presents her lovely, quirky thoughts and experiences in the most fun of non-linear ways. Touching, thoughtful and utterly original, it's a book that you'll read in one sitting, smiling the entire time.”

—Angela Spring, Politics and Prose

Washington, D.C.

“If imitation is, indeed, the sincerest form of flattery, it is clear that there were many authors who loved Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life as much as I did. However, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal demonstrates, again, why Amy is so singular. Quirky, genuine, thoughtful and thought provoking. I absolutely loved it, and while I’ve read a number of books since, I catch myself still thinking about it.”

—Ingrid Nostrom, Books, Inc
Multiple locations, Northern California

“How to describe this entirely delightful and lovely book? I guess I’ll call it an interactive memoir. The author shares thoughts and vignettes from her life, sometimes using diagrams and drawings, and invites the reader to participate with texts. She made me laugh and think, broke my heart a little, and made me glad that the world has Amy Krouse Rosenthal in it.

—Janis Herbert, Face in a Book
El Dorado Hills, CA

“Even without the interactive element, this book is a joy to read! Amy has a skewed, hilarious perspective on life's little moments; almost every page of her ‘textbook’ challenges the reader to think differently or do something differently, or just ponder those odd little moments in their own lives. Thanks, Amy!”

—Susan Taylor, Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza
Albany, NY

“Accessible and fun Conceptual Art, Performance Art, or deconstructed novel of lists, however you label this delightfully unusual book, it still will slip outside the box you've put it in, and change your life. Yep, its unexpectedness, its frankness, its teasing playfulness, along with its casual depth and light-touch existentialism, somehow shift you when you read it. It shifts you toward openness and creativity, in your mind, your life, and in your life with others. Check her out on the internet and find her other inspired projects, but then sit down and play with this one.”

—Alison Reid, Diesel, A Bookstore
Multiple locations, Northern California

Textbook has a lovely cumulative effect, just like her Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. She has a highly analytical but offbeat way of looking at the world that makes the reader feel both joyful and understood. This book screams, "You are not alone!" in a playful and poignant way...Also: the idea of adding a texting component to a book makes me shudder, but AKR somehow makes it charming and I can't wait to see what people submit.”

—Beth Deeb, Goodreads
Nashville, TN

“Amy Krouse Rosenthal is an utterly charming and undeniably talented artist. I've always loved her clever and heartfelt picture books but Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal is another category entirely. Her singular wit and unique outlook on her life and the world shine through in lovely ways within Textbook. Rather than become gimmicky or overwrought, the interactive elements feel like sincere connections between author and reader—or even reader and reader. This is an engaging piece of creative non-fiction perfect to hand to all kinds of readers, especially those exploring the artistic process or looking for new ways to find depth or brightness in their everyday lives.”

—Joanna Albrecht, Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

“Another winning nontraditional memoir from Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Whether writing for children or adults I always admire and appreciate her appealing perspective on everyday experiences. Her joy is infectious, she makes me smile and think about the quirky serendipity that appears in all our lives. For those readers that are up for it you can text her book and discover and more.”

—Lorna Ruby, Wellesley Books
Wellesley, MA

I can't wait to sell this book!

Damita Nocton, Country Bookshop
Southern Pines, NC

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